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Visit the festival

and discover vibrant Johannesburg

RapidLion encourages you to accompany your selected film to the festival. You will receive an all access pass to all festival events and screenings and be introduced to some of the best aspects of Johannesburg. The festival will arrange for you to have Q&A’s to accompany your film screenings and put you in touch with the local media.


One of the very few big cities in the world not built near a significant body of water, and yet, by boasting the world’s biggest man-made forest, is one of the greenest metropolises you’ll ever visit. The paradoxical contradiction that it is, it is an oxygen factory that has produced the highest amount of gold for the world to use. Mistaken for being perilous, Johannesburg has never made the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world list.

On the contrary, the richest square mile in Africa lies here, where there is a thriving, highly diverse cultural and creative community of very friendly people from all corners of the globe. The South African International Film Festival, also known as RapidLion, aims to be one of the most-loved and important cultural events on the city’s calendar.

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