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The Future of Cinema in One Place


RapidLion was launched in 2015 at The Historic Market Theatre, where it has been held every year since. It is the only film festival in the world with a special focus on feature films from BRICS countries. 


The RapidLion Award Ceremony
RapidLion hosts a ceremony where the festival awards the RapidLion, a platinum-plated award statue whose design is based on the ancient African symbol of excellence with a lioness on top of it to deserving filmmakers.


Industry events at RapidLion

This includes In-The-Spotlight through which the fetival invites international cinema greats to showcase their workthrough master-classes. 



Works of the recipient of The Lionel Ngakane Lifetime Achievement Award.



South African films of yesteryear



Films curated for schoolgoers.


RapidLion moments 

Post your best moments at the festival on the RapidLion website.

Our Vision
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