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Tatiana Sergeevna Tretiakova and Mikhail Aleksandrovich Churbanov.

Tatiana Tretiakova:

Tatiana Tretiakova (34) was born and works in Yekaterinburg, Russia, has 5 higher educations, a basic is engineer-physicist in medicine and biology, two degrees are in phycology. Her first film has the international award - the QS Apple Creative Award. She has created more than 35 documentaries as a director and producer. She is producer of several feature films. The main specialty in her work is making films for motivation young people to find themselves and do great. She has her own platform in Russia and Belarus for this work. There more than a 1,5 million schoolchildren who are spectators.

Mikhail Churbanov:

Mikhail Churbanov was born in Ekaterinburg. The first specialties are "Management of unmanned aerial objects" and "Engineer-economist". Then - an MBA degree, St. Petersburg State University. Director of 20 documentary projects, producer of more than 50 social videos, co-producer of 87 documentaries and TV series. Co-producer of 22 feature films: The Admiral, StormDriven, The Gold, Jaeger, Let me Kiss You, The House of the Sun and others. Producer of projects on youth development and patriotic education. Producer "Motivation digital lessons"; Festivals of cinema "Heroes of a big country", "Man of Labor", Forum of Cinema and creative Economy KinoHackathon.

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