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Fruitful Emission

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International shorts
Mishqah Parthiepal
South Africa





Overport 2019,Imaan teaches Madressa (Sunday school) to children of the community. She is carefully watched by her overbearing mother in law,Suray. Nothing Imaan does is good enough for hermother in law, Imman and her husband,Rashid are continually presuured by Suraya to have a child. Rashid reminds his mother that children were never in the couples plan. Imaan hides her longing for her baby. Suraya notices this and uses it to force the young couple into parenthood, she manipulates Imaan and fakes a heart attack . Meanwhile,Rashid hides a dark secret of infertility. Imaan convinces her husband to start a family , he eventually givens in too keep his wife and mother at bay.After months of trying and lying to Imaan, the stress and pressure sart to eat away at Rashid when Imaan becomes pregnant .Rashid cannot believe it,his prayers have been answered . However Imman gets her period,she now believes something is is medicallyt wrong with them. Rashid refuses to get tested and blames Imaan. I maan is healthy and can naturally conceive knowing this,she sets outs to get her husband sperm tested without his knowledge. The results show that he is sterile,conception may never occur. She struggles to tell her husband his diagnosis. Rashid admits to his deception and lies,it is these moments we know that Imaan will never forgive her husband.

Showtimes and Tickets
Mannie Manim Theatre
March 8, 2020 at 8:40:00 AM
March 11, 2020 at 4:00:00 PM
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