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Yang Xiao

His real name is Li Zhiqiang and "Xiao Yang" is his childhood infant name.
He was born in Huanan County, Heilongjiang Province on March 15, 1979. He loved literature and art from an early age, reading a lot. When he was in school, he was infatuated with writing and used the composition class to create as he wanted. Although he deviated topics, he was repeatedly criticized but praised actually by Chinese teachers at all levels because of his delicate writing style and strong ideological nature. What he wrote become the model book for passing around. So he was encouraged to keep on writing practice.
After leaving the army in 2001, he traveled all over the country for life and dreams.He gained a lot during this period, which is really like travel ten thousand miles and read ten thousand books. During this period, he continued to write poems, essays, long and short stories of millions of words. Although it is difficult to get a harvest because of the dislocation of the circle, it lays a solid foundation for the later creation. In 2010, he cooperated with others to run a book studio in Beijing, collating and editing various series of books for many publishing houses, and further stocked up the amount of knowledge.
In 2015, he had the opportunity to participate in the creation of film and television screenplays. From then on, he has focused on his writing career and constantly improved his ability.. So far, he has created and participated in the shooting of a large number of films and TV dramas and advertising films, covering a wide range of subjects. During the closure and control of the epidemic in 2020, he had a feeling for a moment, so he organized nine staff members to write and direct the experimental realistic magic theme film, Quarantine. (It has not been approved yet), and it has been officially signed "Xiao Yang". Although the film has not been successful, it has accumulated valuable experience for the production team. The film, Dream Soccer, was filmed in October 2021, which is the director's first official release.

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