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Kevin Mannens, Aaron Hose.

Kevin Mannens:

Kevin Mannens is a VFX designer turned documentary filmmaker. Mannens is known as a visceral, versatile and visionary imagineer; his work a symbiosis of tactile visuals and engaging narrative.

Aaron Hosé:

Born in the United States and raised on the Caribbean island of Aruba, Aaron Hosé is a producer, director, and editor with over 20 years in the film, television and video industry. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Master of Fine Arts in Feature Film Production from the University of Central Florida. His work has been featured at hundreds of film festivals worldwide and has been distributed on digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo on Demand, and Tubi. Aaron has received multiple awards and honors, including six regional Emmy Awards and sixteen nominations.

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