Tanner Mitchison

Graduating his honours in 2021 at AFDA Durban, majoring in both Writing and Directing, Tanner Mitchison found his passion for film later than most. Born in Sandton in 1998, Tanner went through most of his school life unsure of his future. In 2016, he found that his keen eye for visuals and his love of storytelling could come together; leading to a rash decision to attend film school - a complete shot in dark.
Now, with a love of film from pre-production to post-production, Tanner has found his passion for telling unique and visually compelling stories. He wrote and directed nine productions and worked on over sixteen during his practical studies. His 2020 Graduation film was nominated for thirteen campus awards, awarding him with Best Director, Best Writer & Best Production. You can find him at night writing gibberish and hoping for the best. He works best under artificial light.