Sabrina Van Tassel

Sabrina Van Tassel is an award-winning film director and a journalist. She has directed over 45 documentary films in the last 15 years for major television documentary programs. Focusing mainly on social matters in the United States, such as under age sex trafficking, children in the white nationalist movement, school bullying and women on death row. 
Simultaneously, she has been directing award winning feature documentaries: “Married for Worse” (2004) exploring the world of two young women forced into marriage, “Shalom India” (2008) about young Israeli soldiers in India, recently discharged from the army, “Rivka’s Tribe” (2010) the amazing tale of six brothers and sisters surviving the Holocaust in France and “The Silenced Walls” (2015) her first documentary theatrically released. Critically acclaimed by the French press, it told her journey to discover the history of the Drancy camp, the biggest internment camp, turned into a social housing building at the end of the war.