Millicent Johnnie

A two-time United States Artists nominee in Dance and CEO of
Millicent Johnnie Films, LLC and 319 productions, as a teenager, Johnnie
hosted a social justice TV show met by protests from the KKK. She traces her
professional determination and commitment to social issues in Black culture to
this early opposition. After choreographing Thoughts of a Colored Man, a
Broadway-bound play, Johnnie received her MFA in film. Her NEFA National
Dance Project Bamboula: Musicians’ Brew inspired her short film Bamboula is
Not Bamboozled and with significant contribution from The National Carnival
Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, she developed and produced, La
DiaBlesse Curse, written and directed by Jared Prima; both currently touring
the film festival circuit. Johnnie choreographed Scary Movie 5 (Dimension
Films/The Weinstein Company) and is currently in post-production for her
feature, Ma Negresse, featuring music by Cedric Watson and Grammy artist,
Kendra Foster. Pulling Back the Curtain, Johnnie's hybrid film, exposes the
Ballet world’s fragility and reckoning with the intersection of COVID-19 and
systemic oppression