Eileen Cabiling

BASURERO is Eileen’s directorial debut. She is a Filipino-American filmmaker who has been described by mentor Anna Thomas (Screenwriter Frieda, IFP Founder) as “an artist whose stories magically come to life like in a painting.” A graduate fellow of the prestigious American Film Institute and a recipient of grants like the Women in Film Scholarship Award, the AFI William J. Fadiman award for best screenplay in her graduating class and the ABC/DISNEY Talent Development Grant. Eileen has worked in the ranks of film and TV for fifteen years and it has always been her dream to direct her own films. First in her immigrant family to be born in the United States, Eileen grew up as the only Asian in her class in conservative Richmond, Virginia- the historical capital of the Confederacy. Her passion and vision is to tell stories about the Filipino Diaspora, the un-layering of the Filipino face along with the complex nuances of colonial psychology and the Filipino- identity.