Bruna Piantino

Bruna Piantino was born in Brazil in 1978.

She is a photographer, documentary filmmaker and writer. She graduated in Social Communication and specialized in art direction. She wrote the poetry books Breus, Baton and Biscuit: a nine-by-six work and also the children's book The Crab and the Parasol. Guest writer in the poetic anthologies The discovery of Portugal, Portuguesia and Escriptonita: pop-esia, mythology-remix & comic book superheroes. Her film career began in 2009 with the short films Moths and 448. Producer of the feature film Trésor as well as the short films Que Coso, Cocamado and Book Factory. Editor of the documentary Ming Jai. Acted in the sound performance Pirate Radio. Author of the photobook Stop Carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals. Creator of the series of documentary photography Patacho Beach, Satellite Dish,Totem and Stay Home. Director of the short films Mummer and Marriage. Checkmate is her first feature film.