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Ying Xie

Loti Marquez, who was nearly ninety years old, was a European Jew who survived World War II. The family’s life in Vienna is stable and peaceful, but it does not want the Nazi’s claws to come closer. Western countries have closed their doors. When the road went nowhere, Lottie’s father learned that the Chinese Consulate in Vienna was issuing a visa. In just fifteen minutes, Lottie’s father obtained a visa to Shanghai, China. It was the then Consul General of the Republic of China in Austria, He Fengshan. Shanghai, thousands of miles away, gradually became the Eastern Noah's Ark, which was persecuted by the Nazis by the Nazis. Tens of thousands of Jews spent a hard time in Shanghai. After the war, they said goodbye to the Eastern Noah's Ark, which sheltered them. In the past few decades, the former Jewish friends still remembered the old feelings and repeatedly revisited the Eastern Ark that once protected their lives. The visa of He Fengshan and the inclusiveness of Shanghai have saved lives and shined with the brilliance of humanity.

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