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Srikanth Polisetti

I passed out from IIT Kharagpur, which is the top ranked university in India. I worked for the Government of India, but there was something like a purpose missing in my life. That’s when I started writing and I found my purpose. It was a slow process but after a lot of struggles I got my first book C.G.P.A – College.Girls.Placements.Alcohol published. It was a tremendous success. Then I have written and published two more books The Nth Girl, where N = 1 to ∞ and Hell Inc. I realized I was reaching a lot of people through my novels and I believed movies would help me reach even more people to carry a good message in the society. At the age of 30, I resigned my high paying government job and joined a short term direction course in a film school. I joined Mr. Sekhar Kammula’s , a national award winning filmmaker as an assistant director and learnt how the film trade works. I made my short film “Three Drops of Life” in May 2019 to give a message to the society about the importance of water, education, and blood. I am currently working as an AD in Sekhar Kammula’s film and also writing screenplays for my future movies

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