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Roselyn Seodi Goldstone

Roselyn Seodi Goldstone Biography I’m not just in love with film and television, I love the media industry and the number of things one is able learn from the different opportunities that lie within this beautiful industry. My student film at AFDA won best film and I won best producer, that film RIFT went on to receive a Bronze at the 2014 Loeries. I have worked on different productions ranging from; music videos, live event shows (SAFTA’s, Naledi Awards), films, documentaries, telenovelas (Ashes to Ashes), concerts and commercials to name a few. I am currently working as a Production Coordinator for Super Sport Outside Broadcast. One of the achievements I am proud most of in my career is concepts I worked on in the development phase for pitch whilst working at Clive Morris Production (CMP) were commissioned by a broadcaster.

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