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International Shorts
Boipelo Masilabele
South Africa





Imran Khan (23) is from a middle class Muslim family in Mahikeng; NW. He lost his mother when he was only 14 and his brother when he was 18. His father forced him to do a degree in Business Management and he just completed his studies recently. Abdul owns a fairly small appliance store in town and he wants his son to take over the family business because he wants to retire early due to ill-health (heart disease). Imran’s heart is not in business but fashion designing. He gets appointed as Manager and Andile is asked to mentor him as he is more experienced than him. Abdul sees Imran ignoring clients and investing in wasteful expenditure on his first day of being appointment as Manager. An argument between father and son ensues and it leads to Abdul getting a heart attack. The paramedics are called in and they give a verdict that Abdul needs to be hospitalised. Imran’s fashion blog that he set up before being appointed Manager gets a lot of attention; even from fashion gurus like Devin Raadt. Devin reaches out to Imran regarding his fashion sketches from the blog; but Imran ignores him as he is busy managing his father’s business.Andile begrudgingly mentors Imran with the intention of seeing him fail dismally. So Andile sabotages him whenever the opportunity presents itself because he feels that he is the one more deserving of the manager position than anyone else as he is more experienced.

Showtimes and Tickets
Mannie Manim Theatre
March 8, 2020 at 10:40:00 AM
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