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Jato Ehijator

Jato Ehijator is an award-winning filmmaker based in South Africa. As the Creative Director of Artsy Lens / African Lens Studios, he leads an energetic international team with high-caliber professionals from the USA, UK, and southern Africa. Jato entered the film world almost two decades at OGD Pictures in Nigeria focusing on production management. In 2013, he released his debut feature film, King of Shitta, which highlighted key social issues prominent in a Lagos' ghetto. Upon relocating to South Africa in 2014, he worked for INET Media as a Creative Director and at Fiesta Records as a Producer of a reality TV show (Make You a Star). Branching out on his own in 2016, he worked with an NGO to produce a moving documentary (Walking the Path) telling the story of people living with disabilities in South Africa. This was followed by a project close to the Filmmaker's heart, a short film (Dunoon) highlighting issues of domestic violence and child abuse within a Cape Town slum. In 2018, Jato directed a high-energy feature film (SA Girl), of a young Nigerian woman who heads to South Africa at the invitation of someone she met on social media.

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