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Flowers and songs

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Feature Film
Lei Wang


1h 32mins



"""Flowers and Singing Songs"" is a musical movie created with the theme of left-behind children. The story is set in the context of a fifth-year student running away from home, Fan Daqiang, who met her blind sister Xinming and took her into school. The film describes the sincere emotions and moving stories between left-behind children and rural teachers, letting readers step into the hearts of rural children who are far away from their parents. With a strong sense of social responsibility, this film truly depicts the sincere emotions and touching stories of left-behind children's siblings. Fifth grade student Fan Daqiang suffered the injustice of the class teacher and took 80 yuan to leave his hometown angrily, leaving his blind grandmother in his sixties to go to the far south to work with his father. While wandering in the train station, he met his blind sister Xin Ming, and he decided to take his sister back to his hometown. But Grandma said that his sister had died at the age of 1 ... Daqiang vowed to protect the poor sister with this already poor family. However, in the face of a 60-year-old blind grandma and a dad who couldn't lift his head because of life pressure, the family finally defended this true lie because of ""love."" With the help of the teacher, the contradiction between the classmates was greatly strengthened, and the sound of the natural sound of nature was found by the careful support teacher, and he began to open the children's hearts with singing ."

Showtimes and Tickets
John Kani Theatre
March 9, 2020 at 11:30:00 AM
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