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Florence Allen, Willie Ermine, Roland Kaye, Gilbert Kewistep, Mary Lee, William Ratfoot, Margaret Reynolds

Their previous film, 'Waniska - A Sharing of Indigenous Knowledge', premiered at their Saskatchewan Elders Conference at First Nations University of Canada and then went on to tour film festivals from as far as L.A. to Maori territory in New Zealand and won two awards. It played daily from May to Nov. 2018 at the Venice Arts Biennale as part of the Indigenous Architect Canadian submission: 'Unceded - Voices of the Land'. It is now playing daily at the Museum of History in Ottawa from May ‘19 to March ‘20 and will then travel museums in Canada and Europe. The film is donated for free viewing for Indigenous communities and classrooms on the NCCIE website (National Centre for Collaboration of Indigenous Education). Both films are envisioned, written and directed by the Kehte-ayak Circle - the Indigenous Advisory Circle to the First Nations University of Canada (Saultaux, Cree, Dene) and produced by Productions Cazabon. It is a rare for Elders to get together to create not one, but two films. Their mission: to revitalize culture and bring Indigenous youth and Peoples back to ceremony. Their films carry that message. Both films address the role of Elders in the revitalization of culture and language and their connection to young people - in the passing down of knowledge. Both films are joyful celebration that elevate the spirit of the viewer and invites them to return to Indigenous Knowledge. The first film - awakens the knowledge and the second film shares the knowledge.

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