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Fish Water Affection

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Feature Film
Zhou Chong


1h 37mins



Jiang Hai is the only psychiatrist in the town and opened a psychological counseling room in a hot spring hotel. It is Jiang Hai's biggest wish to cure his wife Luo Fei's depression. Two years ago, during Jiang Hai’s study in the United States, her daughter Huanhuan and her grandmother suffered a car accident and both passed away. The family suffered such a major change, Luo Fei suffered from depression, did not want to see people, curled up on the sofa all day, refused to communicate with anyone, no longer cook for Jianghai, do housework, she completely closed herself As a result, it is impossible to conduct effective psychological counseling, and symptomatic treatment is even more talkative. Jiang Hai has always felt that her illness must have a deeper incentive. Unfortunately, because she could not communicate effectively, she could not find the root cause of her illness. In fact, Jiang Hai is not only trying to find the root of Luo Fei, he wants to solve his own heart. In the past two years, he has been entangled in the day of his daughter’s car accident. What is Luo Fei doing? Jianghai goes to work every day, gets off work, buys food, cooks, and mechanically repeats lifeless days. That question is like a bloody mouth, and every day seems to have swallowed him up, and he awakened him from a nightmare again and again. He feels like going on like that, and he is about to collapse.

Showtimes and Tickets
John Kani Theatre
March 10, 2020 at 1:00:00 PM
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