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Daniel Christiaan Human

Daniel Christiaan Human is an award-winning filmmaker currently based in Pretoria, South Africa. Daniel has been working in the film and television industry for roughly seven years and has recently completed his BA Honours degree in Visual Communication, Cum Laude at The Open Window. Daniel has completed a spectrum of audio-visual works ranging from Television Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films as well as Feature Documentaries. His films, Poort (2015), DorpStad: unwrapping a cool capital (2016) & Verloop / ‘n klip gooi / Leemte (2019) have enjoyed festival successes both locally and abroad. His most recent film, Verloop / ‘n klip gooi / Leemte; having received six nominations at the 7th African Emerging Filmmakers Awards; was awarded with Best Artistic Film and Best Director. Daniel is a passionate filmmaker who has an immense respect for the medium of the moving image and a vision to push the boundaries of filmmaking.

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