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Brogan Jones

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Brogan realized from about the age of twelve that she wanted to get involved in the animation industry and be able to tell her own stories through that medium. She wanted to make her own cartoons and movies like the ones she saw on TV. This dream never left, but with fewer opportunities to study animation she studied Brand Communications and Marketing focusing on Multimedia Design in Durban, which she really loved, and had a great career in that industry focusing on branding, design and front-end web development. Not wanting to give up on dream of becoming an animator, however, she ended up moving to London where she continued working quite successfully for 3 years before finally being able to study a two year MA in Character Animation at the University of the Arts London's Central St Martin's. During the course she put all the skills she learnt from the 8 years of working into practice, while also learning 3D to create digital mixed media animations, combining 2D and 3D elements, completing one short film within a group and another two, including her graduation film, as solo projects.

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