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Antony Stone

Antony has been in the film business since he was 19. He's 48 now so it's been quite a stretch. First as a stunt performer and then a pyrotechnician, he moved to stunt and special effects supervisor. Antony, a keen lover of clean healthy living went on a mission of discovery into to the world of fracking after he helped his brother make a video of a renewable energy instillation his brother did on a Fracking activists farm in the South African Karoo. The Karoo is zoned for Fracking. Antony set out to use all the tools he’d learned over the years in the movie business and at his disposal to help educate the world on the destructive nature of Fracking and it's dire consequences. He wrote a script and directed into the film he's presenting today and so the short film Fracked was born. Antony hopes that the film will shock the world into a greater understanding of the destructive nature of fracking and together bring about the end of fracking.

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