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Andrée Cazabon

As an ally- settler, Andree Cazabon made a personal and professional 10-year commitment to reconciliation in 2007. She works under the vision, guidance and direction of Indigenous Peoples in all her projects. With the collaboration and guidance of First Nations University of Canada and NCCIE, this 4-part series on reconciliation is a continuation of her commitment. As a Gemini nominee, Andrée Cazabon’s films have amassed over 1 million viewers on CBC -Newsworld, TVA, Canal D, Radio-Canada, and CBC Television. A member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and Documentary Organization of Canada, she is the founder and CEO of Productions Cazabon, an award-winning bilingual film and television production company based in Toronto, Canada, with a satellite office in Regina, Saskatchewan. 2019 marks the twelfth year of her professional and personal commitment to reconciliation since her film, ‘3rd World Canada’. Rideau Hall acknowledged her service to reconciliation by awarding her the Meritorious Service Decorations - Civil Division. Andrée Cazabon is a fifth-generation francophone from the Ottawa region.

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