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Aksel Rifman

Aksel Rifman is a director from Morocco who won the Best Screenplay Award in the Meknes TV Festival for his first TV movie “The Killing Silence,” which he wrote and directed. Last year, Aksel directed his debut feature film “Monsters.” His career in filmmaking began with three music videos and six short films shot between 2007-2009 in Spain & Morocco. In 2010, he developed a long-standing relationship with the Moroccan Channel 8 that awarded him to direct 30 episodes of a single camera Berber sitcom “Mani Dac Gha Twadad.” Three years later, Aksel reunited with the Channel 8 with two more projects: he directed 30 episodes of a three-camera sitcom “2 x 2” as well as his first TV movie. In 2017, Aksel directed 30 episodes of an interview show “Tzamad atirid am nta” that was shot around Europe and Morocco. Aksel also keeps himself busy in the US. In the last few years he has written and directed a short “My Toys” and co-directed another short “Our Vows.” He has also acted as a cinematographer and editor for the web series “Last Laff” and short films “Before The First Sight,” “For the Record” and “Love Goes.”

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